Hyper-Performance Enhanced
Polymer NanoComposites

What is

How it Works

Enhanced Nanocomposites


  • Aerospace and transportation

    • Lightweight Vehicles, Boats, Aircraft
  • Lightweight vehicular, personal electronics,  and sports equipment

    • Helmets
    • Bats, hockey sticks with thermal management benefits
    • Cell phones, ipads
  • Infrastructure Systems

    • Mid-span bridges
    • Tactical bridges

Graphene Composite Materials LLC (GCM) is a company that was formed to commercialize hyper-performance polymer composites, based on proprietary and patented technologies including a method of making composite material where components of the hybrid material are shaped and interposed in a microscopic scale ranging from a nanometer scale to a micrometer scale resulting in superior mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties than all known other methods to formulate polymer composites. The composition of GCM’s groundbreaking materials include a selective combination, based on targeted performance, of organic compounds (including polymers, polymer blends, copolymers, thermosetting polymers, and thermoplastic polymers) which are molecularly bonded to minerals in their monoatomic form and/or allotropic elements (including, but not limited to, graphene, boron, and silicates such as mica) and carbon or polymer compound fibers to form a superior matrix in the resulting composite where the precursor binds with the minerals and the fibers to forms materials with unmatched performance in terms of weight to strength and cost to benefit. The resulting GCM composites are cost-effective, lighter weight, stronger, and easier to process than other lightweight materials, (i.e., injection moldable, extrudable, etc.) including high-strength steel, magnesium, and aluminum, while still meeting all regulatory standards on safety, emissions, and performance, and utilizing lower energy to produce an end product.

Graphene Composite Materials LLC